Kraycos provides home renovation and solar energy solutions. We appreciate that you are opting for a clean and green energy solution. By opting for solar, you not only increase your savings, but also helping preserve the environment.

Improve your house Value

While home improvement is often about making your property into the home that you’ve always envisioned; there is nothing wrong with looking to the future and looking for ways to increase the value of your home.

High quality services

We install high quality solar panels with the right specifications, tailor made to fit your energy consumption requirements. We provide you access to affordable technology that enables energy generation, storage and easy management.

Free home assessment

We provide free in-home assessments for potential clients who want to decide on the best way forward with their home improvement plans.

Financial options

The government is here to help you with government incentives. See if you qualify for government programs geared toward making solar even more affordable for you.

Need financing? Try our zero money down solution!